We've chosen to create Positive Qualities to do work we are proud of and that prospers in the service of others.

Having worked in multiple sectors we found that when it comes to change – businesses need fresh perspective. This inspired Our Vision to help deliver fresh perspective using our Business Insight Model to create better performing businesses.

We do this by working on your business spending time with you and your people.

Experiencing Positive Qualities

At Positive Qualities, we help you develop Business Improvement strategies that inspire people to deliver sustainable change. Working with your Leadership Team, Sales & marketing, HR and staff we are right with you, helping you to achieve your goals. Through our experience in stakeholder and employee engagement, performance improvement, behaviour and culture change we can positively influence the way your people think, feel and behave.

“Research indicates that workers have three prime needsInteresting work, recognition for doing a good job, and being let in on things that are going on in the company.” By taking these three things into consideration you will experience less resistance to change and there will be a renewed level of energy and discretionary effort from your people resulting in sustainable change.

We start with our Business Insight

Helping You Develop a Business Improvement Strategy

By involving the key influencers in your organisation in your Business Improvement Strategy you will reach your goals faster and with greater effect.

We focus on People, Processes and Performance and this results in overall Business Improvement that delivers Innovation and New Ways of Working.

Using our proven W.O.W. System™ we work with your people in facilitating workshops, focus groups, coaching and mentoring and this helps to identify your Business Improvement Ambassadors who form the Business Improvement and Innovation Group. This group is formed by staff who have been voted for by their peers and meet monthly with a manager to drive the improvement initiatives to sustain the momentum and identify further improvements.

Helping You Maintain Momentum to Drive Strategic Business Improvement

1. Bringing a structured process and ideas for new ways of working – W.O.W. System™

2. Challenging your thinking and asking questions –Make, Save or Cost Money?

3. Guiding you and facilitating strategic workshops, coaching and mentoring

4. Maintaining momentum to drive Strategic Business Improvement

Why Engaging and Inspiring Your People Matters

Engaged Employees lead to

Higher servicequality, and productivity, which leads to…   

Higher customer satisfaction, which leads to…

Increased sales, which leads to…

Higher levels of profit, which leads to…

Higher shareholder returns (i.e., stock price).”


Our Members pages are for companies and individuals who wish to take advantage of our motivational tools and techniques or our online resources. We work with some of our companies on an ongoing basis by adding value to our main programmes.


By visiting our clients page you will find the many different sectors we have worked in. if you are unsure of the industry any client may come from just click on the image and it will take you to their website. Any questions please feel free to get in touch.

About our MD

Liz Hoskin’s title is Chief Radiator as positive energy and enthusiasm radiate out of every pore of her body enabling her to reach right the hearts of everyone she meets.  Liz is all about making a daily difference to everyone she works with.