Here is a snapshot of some of the comments from our many satisfied clients


I was very satisfied with the work you did for us, at the beginning of the year, at the Microsoft UK and Irish Customer Service Centre. We were struggling in the many different areas you addressed for us and your training made a huge impact on our results which while they peaked in February- have continued to increase month on month.  Our Sales Lead Generation figures rose by 276% on what they were prior to training and our Customer Satisfaction Ratings rose by 11 points.


I can happily report that we are now meeting and exceeding our monthly targets and as I said before we continue to improve month on month.  The groundwork you installed for us has paid off handsomely.


Thank you again for everything you did for us.

Scone Palace

“Liz Hoskin was an outstanding presenter at our recent training day. Her excellent communication skills and natural manner soon had our staff fully engaged. Her enthusiasm was infectious and she delivered all the points we needed to make in a natural style which our team understood and readily identified with”.



Old Course Hotel …St Andrews

I write to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation for the outstanding work that you did with the team here at the Old Course Hotel, Golf Resort & Spa at the Positive qualities WOW training sessions.

The hotel was buzzing with positive language, positive body language and energy that you enthused into the team, who are already receiving enhanced feedback from our guests. I feel that the training is not only motivational for the team and gives them confidence in our positive communication with our guests, but also it helps them to upsell and promote our facilities across our resort. I am sure we will see the return of the positive promotion of all our facilities.

We will shortly be in contact with you regarding some further sales training for our Sales & Marketing team, but in the meantime, may I take this opportunity to wish you every success in the coming year and thank you for your outstanding training.



This a short note to thank Liz and David for making the difference to the start of the Glasgow Audi SEi programme.

The SEi programme has had an excellent start since our first meeting we had excellent participation, a very frank survey and a positive workshop.

I did feel however we needed a link from that point and the move towards the setting up of the Business Improvement Group. Liz came in at that point to discuss with all the staff, attitudes and approach to going forward.

It was well structured looking at attitude then buy- in and teamwork. I have got to say that worked well and gave us a great platform to work from.

Part of Liz’s programme involved the initial Business Improvement Group being established in a very democratic format which allowed the members the opportunity to feel they were there because their peers wanted them there to represent them. The structure was very positive from the start and they took full ownership.

The Group is now very positive well structured, well organised and contribute greatly towards the Glasgow business.

I would definitely recommend Liz Hoskin to develop the attitudinal aspect as it ties in so well with the rest of the programme.



Just a short note to say the feedback forms I have are very positive – the only comment is that they wanted a longer session so always a good thing to leave delegates wanting more !!!


Recruitment company

Liz – is just as her business card describes – Positive!

Liz conducted two sessions of training with our management group – all found her to be enthusiastic and knowledgeable in her subjects



GP practice

Just to say thanks for organising yesterday.  I really enjoyed it and thought Liz was fantastic and so motivating.



 Liz, You have exceeded all of our expectations as everyone came back from your sessions full of inspiration and motivated to make a difference. What did you do to them? Absolutely no negative feedback only positive feedback about Positive Qualities, you definitely deliver!



North Ayrshire Council commissioned Positive Qualities to deliver customer service training as the department had gone through some significant changes with ongoing change becoming the norm.  The objectives of the training were:

-Identify key issues within the various staff groups and work with Managers and Team Leaders to produce an action plan for improvement
-To support all staff within Customer Service in putting the customer at the heart of everything that they do
-To provide practical tools for managing customer interactions which supported the values of excellent customer service

Training was delivered to in excess of 60 staff from various backgrounds including Managers, call centre staff and back office admin support.  The training was very interactive and from the first session it created a buzz around the office,  Staff were very positive about the sessions and the sessions helped to generate team spirit.

Since the initial training was delivered, Liz has provided ongoing support to the Team Leaders in implementing agreed changes and coaching the advisers in delivering excellent service.  Whilst it is still early days, we are already seeing some positive effects of the training.  Enquiry handling time is reducing and staff are taking more ownership of customer enquiries.  It is our intention to do a formal review of performance 6 months after Positive Qualities and measure the impact on customer satisfaction, staff satisfaction, call handling times and call qualities but initial findings are very positive.

Given the success of the initiative we are currently working with Liz to roll out further training to new team members and other departments within the Council are looking to engage with her to deliver training to their teams.

Much of the success in the implementation of the Positive Qualities training is down to Liz herself, she is extremely perceptive and her manner and approach can engage even the most negative and cynical staff members.


Stirling Council

The manager and team leaders identified a requirement for a programme of specialised training looking at areas such as call structure, positive language, taking ownership of issues and what makes “World Class” customer service.  Advisers were initially challenged by this approach as it entailed facing up to the gap between world class customer service and what they had been delivering for so long.  The advisers accepted this challenge, saw the benefits and became wholly receptive to the new approach, resulting in instant improvements in the way calls were handled.  These ranged from the introduction of an effective standard greeting, to being more front footed about managing difficult calls.

Taking a proactive approach to how a call is structured means that the customer is asked for all the information required to carry out the transaction up front, in the right order.  The result is a customer experience where the adviser actively listens, takes ownership of the issue, offers a positive outcome and ensures the customer understands and is satisfied with the outcome before the call is closed. This initiative also meant that providing great customer service became competitive, with rewards in the form of more positive feedback from customers.

This quality initiative also includes advisers working with team leaders to constructively review recordings of individual transactions with advisers.  This feedback allows advisers to develop their call handling skills on a one-to-one basis with their team leader, ensuring consistency, quality and personal challenge and development.  This is a significant move in the way the contact centre is managed.

Customer satisfaction has now reached 96%.



 Thank you so much for opening our conference with such enthusiasm and engagement.  You really help set the tone for the whole event. 

 The response rate for our post-conference delegate survey is really good at over 60%.  Reassuringly it has been overwhelmingly positive with both the quality of the speakers and the content scoring very highly and being noted in almost every comment.  Fairly typical is:

 “… it exceeded my expectations as the vast majority of the presentations were relevant, useful and above all – interesting/ entertaining.”

We also ask specifically about which speaker/s were more relevant and why.  Your name was noted frequently ‘in dispatches’.  Comments like:

 “Liz Hoskin – inspiring, a real force of nature.  Loved her presentation – hoping to incorporate some of her techniques for staff recruiting/ development.”

I do hope that you also enjoyed the rest of the conference proceedings and hopefully were able to take at least something useful away.

 Once again, thank you for your time and support in helping to make the conference a success.

Cameron Group

Audi                                                            Volvo                                                Volkswagen   

I first met Liz in the autumn of 2006 and on meeting her the first time was immensely impressed by her general enthusiasm and positiveness to her business and her eagerness to pass these talents on to individuals who are dealing with retail customers. The purpose of linking in with Positive Qualities was to increase even further our commitment to providing the ultimate in customer satisfaction from all departments of our dealerships.

We finally agreed a series of staff workshops involving all the staff within two of our Group of three dealerships. This included customer facing and also non customer facing staff amounting to approximately 75 staff members. These workshops have been ongoing now since 2007 and are held on a 6 month rota with our third dealership being involved over the last year where around 40 members added to the total.

Whilst every member of staff has not been completely comfortable with the programme around 80% have embraced it and have found the sessions very worthwhile in helping them to interact with customers.

Within our businesses we are measured by our three franchises, as a standard, our performance scoring from sales and after sales departments. These scores are a vital part of the jigsaw which has an influence on the bonus earnings we receive.

I am pleased to report that our customer satisfaction scoring has improved with the help of Liz and two of our sites are currently leading the league tables for Scotland and the UK.

I would therefore have no hesitation in recommending Liz to any company wishing to maximise on outstanding customer care.


Out of all the trainers, I have probably spent more time with Liz through the groups I have worked with. My comments are based largely on observing Tools / Process (Integration) training with the CMM group and working with her (although not fully observing) rehearsal sessions and other classroom training.


I have always found her very positive, co-operative and understanding of the pressure that we are under.  She is very passionate about what she teaches and has had excellent feedback from both CMM and UMM groups (before the days when such feedback was formally documented).  As I have said before, in many ways what we (SITEL Consulting) and what you do is very similar and my “day-job” is delivering similar contact centre related training.  Soft skills training can sometimes be seen as “a bit naff”, particularly who are very technically minded.  (Mention to CSPs in their first two days that they will be covering “Sexy Language” always results in a rolling of the eyes!).

I think Liz’s strengths are being able to quickly set up a rapport with the group and to get them to buy into a subject that they may not feel comfortable with initially.  To be frank, if I felt I was leaving one of my training groups with the same level of enthusiasm and motivation that Liz achieves, then I would be more than happy with my achievements.


WOW Training

 In Strathmore Volvo they have had a very positive effect on how we do things and staff now say that communication has improved between departments and they are co-operating better with each other resulting in an increase in staff motivation and willingness to help others. They have been able to add value to the customer service experience by enabling staff to have input into the way things are done in their dealership. We have monthly WOW meetings where we share experiences and come up with new initiatives for making our customer experience even better. For this next year we are working on two initiatives each quarter to keep people focussed and working towards our goal of being number one.