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Outcome 1 : Plan and complete a work placement.

Performance Criteria

  • Review own career aspirations and abilities in preparation for a suitable work placement
  • Produce a detailed plan for going on a work placement
  • Carry out the plan during the work placement
  • Carry out allocated duties appropriately during the work placement

Review own progress during the work placement


Outcome 2: Plan and complete a workplace learning project

Performance Criteria

  • Identify a suitable project aim
  • Produce a detailed plan to enable progress towards the identified aim
  • Carry out the plan, making any changes if required
  • Record progress made towards the identified aim


Outcome 3: Evaluate the learning and development that has taken place on completion of the placement and project.

Performance Criteria

  • Explain what has been learned as a result of participation in the work placement and completion the project
  • Review initial career aspirations and abilities based on what has been learned
  • Identify and explain own next steps based on this review


Learner Information

Your trainer/tutor will help you to understand what you need to do for this Unit.

In this Unit you will be planning, carrying out and reviewing a work placement. The work placement you chose will reflect your career aspirations and goals.


In order to achieve the Unit you will have to gather a folio of evidence containing the following:

  • a review of your career goals and strengths
  • a detailed plan which includes essential information about your work placement
  • a detailed plan outlining a work based project
  • a review of your progress throughout the work placement
  • an explanation of your progress towards the aim of the project
  • confirmation that you have completed your work placement


A checklist from your supervisor showing that, while on your placement, you:

  • adhered to health and safety
  • sought advice when needed
  • worked cooperatively with others


An evaluation which includes:

  • an explanation of what you have learned from being on a work placement and completing your project
  • a review of your career goals and abilities
  • an explanation of your identified next steps


This evaluation should be carried out on completion of your work placement and project.