Growing Fresh Talent

The world is changing and we need to change our ways of working, the way we lead, treat, and pay our workforce, to enable us to keep our existing staff and replace staff who no longer want to work with us. An increased need for fresh talent is upon us. That is why we came up with our Grow Fresh Talent Academies.

Grow Fresh Talent Academies

We attract the talent, we train them to be self-aware have a service mindset, and a positive attitude. You give them the work experience and if they are a good fit, you hire them at the end of the Academy. Academies last from as little as 6 weeks up to 14 weeks depending on your requirements and the need of the talent we find. We provide after care support too.

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How do you get involved?

Once you have contacted us, we have an exploratory meeting to hear about your requirements and the kind of behaviours you would like your new talent to have.

We then go to work on your behalf – finding funding partners and finding fresh talent who want to work in your company.

We run assessment sessions to help us select the appropriate candidates.

What is the investment?

You provide the work experience which ranges from two weeks to six weeks.

You provide a buddy/mentor for them so they settle in quickly to your company.

You provide a nominal finders fee- this will depend on the number of people required.

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An example case

Hospitality has a lot of attrition due to low wages, long hours, staff feel undervalued.

We set up a Grow Fresh Talent Academy for Hospitality – by introducing ten new people who had never ever worked in Hospitality before. They train in the Hotel from day one where we work on them as a person. We help them be more self-aware, confident, positive and develop a service mindset. Sometimes they achieve qualifications to enable them to further improve their career prospects.

They then start their work experience in their department, then after a few weeks they will have a job offer provided they have successfully achieved the Academy Essentials.

Large Hotel Group

Running a Grow Fresh Talent Spa Academy as the company wants to introduce kinder ways of working. We have designed a new shift pattern to enable their staff to have more flexible ways of working, where long days and working every weekend are a thing of the past.

Training ten fresh staff to enable them to open longer hours but with shorter shifts, an increased hourly rate and every second weekend off.

Now that’s an innovative solution to their challenge, which has been caused by people wanting to re-evaluate their working lives, to have a better work life balance, and working shorter shifts.

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